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Canine lymphoma - Roxie's journey

By Heather Published: April 7, 2009

Many dog owners out there should read my latest  blog series on something that may one day affect your dog- canine lymphoma. Studies have shown that approximately 50% of dogs ( are infected with cancer and that once your dog reaches the age of 10, the percentage jumps to 80%!

Although an active member in the animal community and being a pet owner for many years, I just never knew how common dog cancer really was until it hit home. Just how did it hit home you ask? Well, here is where our journey begins.

Meet Roxie my little 5 year old mutt. Roxie is my dog who escaped death two years ago when I rescued her from animal control. Roxie was not made available to the public because she was a biter - but I saw past the tough exterior and knew what a real gem she truly was. After taking her home and working with her fears, she learned to trust again and I decided to adopt her. Fast forward to now, two wonderful years  later with a dog that was deemed unadoptable and she is now trying to cheat death once again.

Recently, on Saturday March 28 I noticed her right side of the face was swollen and figured she had gotten bit by a bug, but by Sunday night the swelling included her left side of her face and her neck, I knew something was wrong. That Monday, March 30, she was examined by her vet, Dr. Kubera, at Wyoga Vet Hospital. He suspected canine lymphoma because at this point all six lymph node points were swollen.

After he took a sample of the lumps, we went home and patiently awaited the results. Bad news came the next day- Roxie had lymphoma and needed to start chemotherapy that day. Her prognosis was that after 8 weeks of chemotherapy, which included take home medications as well, Roxie may be able to have a good year of life.

Well, I didn't like that- Roxie deserved more time on this earth. So after some research and discussion with my vet, Roxie and I headed to Ohio State University to see the Oncology Team in their veterinary clinic. Read about Roxie's trip to OSU next time...

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