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Cat Ladies Movie Trailer

By jim Published: June 25, 2009

Back in April we posted about the Toronto documentary Cat Ladies, which explores the link between cats and single, lonely women.

We finally have a trailer for the documentary and this review via Filmjunk:

What starts as a funny and quirky look at women who love their cats a little more than most, quickly becomes disturbing, shocking and kind of sad. Director Christie Callan-Jones turns her camera on four different women who live alone with their cats, each increasing exponentially in the number of cats they own and their level of insanity. Among them is Ziggy Isaak aka The Cat Lady of Kitchener, who lives with well over 100 cats: a fact that put her at odds not only with her neighbours, but also the Humane Society. It becomes clear that they are each making up for something that is missing in their lives, and while in most cases animal companionship can be a healthy thing, the movie begs the question, “Where do you draw the line?”. At 58 minutes, I only wish the movie had been a little bit longer.

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