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Cat People Vs. Dog People

By BrookeLynn Published: April 3, 2009

Cat People VS Dog People:  Is there really a difference?

Here we go, the big debate.

In our somewhat-stereotypical society, many of us have had the common conversation:

Are you a cat person, or a dog person?  Well?

I have been reading up on the differences between "cat people" (those who are partial to cats) and "dog people" (those who are partial to dogs) and there is an interesting debate that compares personal characteristics to those who favor a feline or prefer to cater to a canine.

... but is it true?

"They" say:
Cat people have quite an independent streak.  They are a bit on the mysterious side, can entertain themselves for hours on end, and can be a bit manipulative.  They also say cat people are smarter than dog people.  Ouch.

Dog people on the other hand, are social folks that prefer to co-habitate.  They crave attention and are very outgoing.  They tend to drool. HA.

Researchers at Ball State were able to conclude that it isn't necessarily the type of pet, but the personality of each pet.   Personally, I can see that: being that I own one of each.   For example, maybe your dog is much more laid-back and not as needy...or your cat is the life of the party and must be in your lap at all times.   The majority of us take a look at our daily lives prior to adopting a pet, and select the pet-type based on our lifestyle.  Or, at least we all should.

But still, I am hesitant to believe that is all 100% accurate.

You see, I am smart; but I don't drool.

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