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Cats of murder victim need homes

By jim Published: June 10, 2010

The Beacon Journal story on the murder of Clara Wilfong ran on June 3rd and contained this:

Even grizzled Akron police homicide detectives are stunned by the crime committed against 72-year-old Clara Wilfong in her Brown Street apartment Friday afternoon. She was physically and sexually assaulted.

We received this plea from a reader and want to pass it along:

Clara had, and loved dearly, six cats. I am trying to help find new homes for five of the six cats. Clara's close family are not able to keep them; her daughter and granddaughter both have dogs who do not get along with cats. Four of the six cats are temporarily at a family members house, and two cats are still in Clara's apartment.  These two cats must be out in a day or two and the family is desperate to save them. 

As you can well imagine, these cats have been traumatized by Clara's death, all the law enforcement and emergency people who were in and out of the apt. and now being relocated.

I've attached pictures of the five cats, but here are their vitals:

Sweety – Light gray and white tabby, Female, Spayed, sister of Twinkie - approx. 3 years old

Twinkie – Dark gray and white tiger/tabby, Female, Spayed, sister of Sweety, approx. 3-years-old.

***Both Sweety and Twinkie are still living in apt. of Clara Wilfong & must leave apt within a few days***
JB – Black, Male, neutered, approx. 2-years-old, very affectionate after a time, skittish at first

Penney – Calico, Female, spayed, approx. 8 years old, very affectionate

Tigger – Orange Tabby, Male, neutered, approx. 8+ years old, very loving but can go from loving to slightly aggressive during play. This was Clara’s favorite cat.

If anyone is able to help find permanent homes for these cats, even on a foster/temporary basis, please contact me asap: 

home, 330-785-7417 or cell, 330-608-1366.

Thank you for your time.  PLEASE forward to any and all people who may be able to help!!  Thank you--Thank you---Thank you!!

Tracy Popio

Update from Tracy:

Thank you to everyone who contacted me about Clara's cats; the response was overwhelming. Paws and Prayers, a local pet rescue organization, has generously offered to take in all the cats, have them vetted and screen potential adopters.

Anyone interested in adopting one of Clara's cats (or making a monetary contribution for their vet care), please contact Paws and Prayers through their website, Complete the online Adoption Application, referencing "Clara's Cats."

On behalf of Clara Wilfong's family, thank you for your prayers and support.

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