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Chihuahua mix with tan fur lost in Lakeview

By Published: July 9, 2012

On the fourth of July weekend my family and I went to Indian Lake in Lakeview Ohio to go camping at our campsite. We have 5 dogs but 1 is missing. His name is Fudge.

He is a Chihuahua mix with long light tan fur, but not it is now cut short with a tiny Mohawk. We took him and all the dogs with us. Well on July 7th we went out to a firework show showing on the lake. When we came back around 11:00 we found out all our dogs busted out of our camper and our neighbors got all our dogs in besides Fudge. We went out looking for him and spotted him a few times but he kept running from us because he was scared and scared of all the fireworks going on around the campsite. He disappeared out of the campgrounds that night and we been looking for him since. If you see him please notify me immediately. We miss him very much and want him to come home.


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