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Collar Rules: Keep your pup secure!

By BrookeLynn Published: June 28, 2010

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With all this gorgeous weather we are all out and about a lot more.  Woot!  With that, comes the chances of your pooch

getting loose by bolting out the door, wriggling out of a collar, or even by jumping a fence.  Ted and I are out walking so much, we see something like this atleast once a week.

Yesterday, we were strolling along and watched a pooch across the street wriggle out of his collar because he was so excited to see Ted.  I saw this happening and checked the road because I knew the next move post-freedom was to dart after Ted.  No cars.  Ted and I booked across the street towards the freed Fido and little pup followed us.  There is one thing I do know:  if your dog gets loose, one of the easiest ways to catch it is to have another dog.  They automatically want to run to their canine counterpart to say hello.  This little guy wanted to do the same.

So Ted and I walked far into a yard, and Ted laid down.  Little poochie was running around like a little mad man, Ted just laid there.  LOL He is so used to being the docile chill-out guy, and he looked at the pup with a voice that seemed to say “dude, chill”    The owner and I were able to catch the little guy, and I showed her how to properly give her pooch collar space so that it is tight: but not too tight to wiggle out of.  This was a lucky break:  that poochie could have been in a worse situation for sure.

A good rule of thumb if you have a flat collar for your pooch:  You should be able to place two fingers underneath the collar to give enough comfort space without the collar being too loose for your pup.  Check the new collar frequently to see if any fur is rubbing off or any skin is getting irritated.  Adjust accordingly.

Happy Walking my pooch pals (and humans too)!

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