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Couple combs downtown Cleveland for lost dog, offers $1,000 reward

By jim Published: October 7, 2009

CLEVELAND (AP): Two people looking for a lost dog have plastered downtown Cleveland with hundreds of posters, are offering a $1,000 reward and have enlisted the homeless and Cleveland Browns tailgaters in the search.

Maverick, a 5-year-old Maltese/Shih Tzu mix, has been missing for a week, ever since Mike Frate says he left the dog out of his sight for less than a minute outside. Frate was dog-sitting for girlfriend Kelly Durkota while she was out of town on Sept. 30.

Durkota says she knows Frate feels ''horrendous'' about losing her dog and she says she doesn't have time to be mad as the search continues.

The couple has already put up 800 handbills, and they're preparing to print 800 more.


Cleveland woman gets missing dog back, pays $1,000

Oct 08, 2009

CLEVELAND (AP): A missing dog in Cleveland has been returned by a woman who got a $1,000 cash reward and says she had purchased the 5-year-old Maltese/Shih Tzu mix for $150.

Maverick, who had been missing for a week, was returned Wednesday to Kelly Durkota by a woman who wanted to remain anonymous. The dog disappeared while Durkota's boyfriend was dog-sitting and left it out of sight for a few moments.

The owner put up 800 search handbills and asked homeless people in Cleveland to watch for the dog.

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