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Dog gets a second chance to walk for the first time

By jim Published: May 1, 2009

DENVER - If there was ever a dog that deserved a second chance, Andre is that dog. He's been living with just two legs for a long time.

"He's just a fun loving guy, very warm personality," Martin Kaufmann with OrthoPets said.

Andre came a long way to meet Kaufmann.

The 3-year-old Shepherd-Rottweiler-Lab mix is from Alaska and lost his front and back left legs when he was caught in an illegal wild animal trap. He chewed off his own paws to get free and for weeks, he lived under a truck camper shell. He only weighed 38 pounds when Alaskan Dog and Puppy Rescue found him.

Andre's rescuers contacted OrthoPets to make him prosthetic legs.

"With just two legs, he can't stand up," Kaufmann said.

Just two days after that first fitting, on Wednesday Andre got his first second chance to stand. It didn't take him long. Full story ->

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