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Dog tale ends well as Wadsworth couple buys lost pet sold online

By jim Published: May 7, 2009

By Marilyn Miller
Beacon Journal staff writer

It seems you can buy just about anything on Craigslist — even your own dog.

A Wadsworth Township couple whose Jack Russell terrier was lost on Easter, discovered their pet was not only found, but also put up for sale on the online classified site the same day.

''The photo online showed a man in his 20s posing with Hunter as if it was his dog,'' said the dog's real owner, Laurie Gordon.

She said Hunter, who did not have a dog license, went outside on Easter and ran off.

The family called the Medina County dog warden the next day and began posting fliers in the neighborhood asking for help in finding Hunter.

They even posted a missing dog ad on a Web site dedicated to the Wadsworth area.

Someone responded to that posting, telling the family that a dog was listed for sale on Craigslist that looked just like Hunter.

''I never even heard of Craigslist, but checked it out,'' Gordon said. ''It looked just like our dog, but had a different collar.''

The ad on Craigslist stated that the dog's owners were looking for a ''new home for our 18-month-old Jack Russell Terrier . . . he is good with kids and other dogs. He is housebroken as well. He loves to cuddle and loves attention. We have a baby due in just a couple of weeks and we want to ensure he gets all the attention he deserves.''

Gordon said she sent an e-mail to the family that had placed the ad. The couple said they found the dog in the middle of the road in Wadsworth Township.

The dog was found on Seville Road — the street where the Gordons live.

Pam Wingate, who found the dog, said at first the dog wouldn't go to her fiance.

''We immediately noticed that he was NOT wearing any tags,'' said Wingate in an e-mail. ''I did not want him to get hit by a car so we opted to take him with us to see if we could find his owners.''

Wingate said they asked around if anyone recognized the dog.

''He looked malnourished and smelled as though he had been sprayed by a skunk,'' Wingate said.

When the Gordons heard that this dog smelled like a skunk — they knew it was Hunter since he had been sprayed by one the week he disappeared.

Gordon said their elation that Hunter had been found was short-lived when they learned from Wingate that they had already sold the dog for $50.

Gordon said she was told the dog was sold to a woman who lived an hour away, but they no longer had her phone number.

The Gordons called the Medina County Sheriff's Office.

Since the dog was not licensed, Sgt. Chad Meyers said there was nothing the department could do.

An account of the Gordons' plight made its way to late last week. As luck would have it, the tale caught the eye of Mogadore relatives of Hunter's new owner.

The woman's son contacted the Medina sheriff's office. Meyers stopped by the Gordons' home to deliver the good news.

Gordon said the family picked up Hunter on Sunday, but not before getting a dog license and an ID tag.

''I'm thankful he ended up in good hands, while I searched for him,'' Gordon said. ''I am grateful that the woman found it in her heart to return him.''

Gordon said they even gave the woman the $50 she had paid for Hunter.

''Hunter is home and safe, that's the most important thing,'' said Gordon.

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