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Dog who suffered gunshot wound up for adoption at Portage APL

By Ohio.com Published: March 3, 2014

After being saved by the Stow Kent Animal Hospital, a dog on the mend is now up for adoption at the Portage County Animal Protection League.

Augie, a chow/retriever mix, was brought to the vet about two weeks ago with a mangled back leg. After being examined, veterinarians determined he suffered a gunshot wound and had a shattered femur.

After a successful amputation surgery, Augie was cared for by the Portage APL, which has prepared him for adoption.

“Sadly, at Portage APL, cruelty is reported on a frequent basis," Portage APL executive director Chalan Lowry said in an email. "We receive hundreds of calls per year and countless other calls regarding injured or abandoned animals. We are grateful that we here to provide this service and lend a hand to animals in need.”

The Portage APL estimates that Augie is five years old. He's neutered, up to date on vaccines and has a microchip.

For more information on Augie or the Portage Animal Protective League, call them at at (330) 296-4022, or visit their website at http://portageapl.org.

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