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Dogs and kitchens don't mix

By jim Published: May 22, 2009

Two stories for your consideration...

From the BBC, this story has a happy ending but could have been tragic.
Blaze after dog switches on oven

This next story, well, you will just have to read it. As the author says, "move over Marley -- there's a new kid in town."

I was sitting in my office after dinner staring at the computer trying to come up with something funny or insightful to write when I heard a horrifying sound: like a minibike wreck crossed with a pack of monkeys strung out on Pop Rocks -- and it wasn't going away. I rushed into the family room where it looked like dishes were falling from the sky. And not in a good way. It took me a second (but felt like an hour) to figure out what was going on. My 80 lb. dog Rocco was running like a maniac through the house and bucking like a bronco ... with the lower rack of the dishwasher attached to his collar. And it was full of dishes.

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