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EPA Investigating Topical Flea Treatments

By Susan Published: April 21, 2009

Interesting article from the American Dog Owner's Association.

Flea Medications Injure 44,000 Pets

According to a new (scary) report from the Environmental Protection Agency, topical and on-spot flea and tick medications injured 44,000 pets last year.

The study looked at EPA-registered pet products, commonly found at drug stores or on supermarket shelves in 2008. Sprays, collars, and shampoos – anything topical or on-spot to treat ticks and fleas - were included.

Most of the potential incident reports involved spot-on treatments, like the ones sold in tubes or vials and used on a specific part of your pet's body. Reactions included rashes, seizures, and, in some cases, death.

To play it safe, you may want to skip the grocery aisle for your flea and tick products.

Read the full story ->

Susan Jenkins owns Papp's Dog Services in Akron, Ohio
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