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Family says their missing dog is sold on Craig's List

By jim Published: May 1, 2009

By Marilyn Miller
Beacon Journal staff writer

A Medina County family wants their dog back.

The owners claim a couple found their dog on Easter, while they visited neighbors. They say the couple posted a picture of the pet on Craig's List that same day asking for a selling price of $75.

Laurie and Michael Gordon, of Wadsworth Township, said their dog ran out of the house that day and didn't return.

They say they looked for the dog for several days, but couldn't find him. They posted pictures, sent emails to friends and advertised online for the return of their 2-year-old dog called Hunter.

One person responded and said it looked like a dog recently posted on Craig's List and forwarded the ad with a photo of the dog.

''We need to find Rusty a home! He is a pure bred jack russell terrier! Email for info if interested....''

The ad was posted on Easter, the same day the dog went missing.

A second ad was posted three days later. ''We are trying to find a new home for our 18-month-old Jack Russell Terrier...he is good with kids and other dogs. He is housebroken as well. He loves to cuddle and loves attention. We have a baby due in just a couple of weeks and we want to ensure he gets all of the attention he deserves.''

On Saturday, April 18, a third ad was posted.

''Hi, we are still looking for a home for Rusty. We hate to see him go, but we want him to get all the attention he deserves and with a new baby coming soon we want to make sure he gets it! He is not neutered. He is potty trained and good with kids. He is pretty calm for being as young as he is. He does like to give lots of kisses though! He really is a good dog. We are asking $75 for him to ensure he goes to a good home. We will also give you his food, treats, collar, leash and shampoo and his teddy boy that he loves.''

The Gordons said it looked just like their dog, but it had a different collar. They called the couple, then e-mailed them when they got no answer by phone.

The Gordans say the couple admitted they found the dog on Easter while visiting friends on Seville Road. The same street the Gordons live on, about a quarter of a mile down the road.

''We found him running in the middle of the street,'' the young couple responded in an e-mail. ''I felt bad for him [the dog] so we got him and fed him cause it looked like he hadn't been fed in days and he had been sprayed by a skunk.''

Laurie Gordon said that convinced her it was her dog.

''Hunter was sprayed by a skunk several days ago and we have been bathing him every day trying to get rid of the last stench.''

The couple said they had already gotten rid of the dog after a woman who lives about an hour away came to get him. They said they did not save her phone number.

The Gordons called authorities.

Medina County Sheriff's deputy Sgt. Chad Meyers checked out the story.

''I don't have any doubt it's their dog, but they didn't want to prosecute anybody,'' he said. ''I'm not even sure if they could prosecute, since the dog had no license with no contact information and ran off the property. It still doesn't give anyone the right to claim the dog.''

The Gordons and their two teenage children just want their dog back.

''If there's one lesson we have learned it's; never get too busy to get dog tags. All this could have been avoided.''

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