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Fat cat? Five tips for a thinner cat

By jim Published: June 19, 2009

The stereotype of a fat, lazy cat is pervasive. Most people think of Garfield - a dog-teasing, lasagna-eating, lazy cat who shares with us his thoughts - as a pretty typical cat. (Okay, maybe not the thought-sharing part.) In reality, not all cats are fat and inactive, though most do really like to sleep. (It is normal for a cat to sleep up to 20 hours per day!)

Unfortunately, though, 40% of cats are overweight. Conversely, only 26% of cat owners think their cat needs help losing weight. If a cat who should be ten pounds is 12 pounds, that's 20% overweight. That's equivalent to a person who should be 150 pounds being 180!

Our cats are not fat because they are "lazy", per se. It's just that in captivity we provide everything for them - they don't have to work for their food and, even in a household with multiple cats, there's almost no competition for food. What they eat can also be a factor.

So how can you help your fat cat get thinner?

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