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FDA Investigating Nutro Pet Food

By Leighangela Published: April 21, 2009

After two years of reports of illness and death in pets who were fed Nutro, the FDA has confirmed that they are conducting an ongoing ingestigation on the pet food company., a private entity for consumer complaints, continuously receives complaints about Nutro from concerned pet owners--nearly 500 in the past year. When the organization attempted to gain information from the FDA on Nutro under the Freedom of Information Act and the request was denied this week, the FDA confirmed that the information could hamper law enforcement actions.

I fed my own dog and cats Nutro for years with no problems. In early 2007, Nutro was acquired by Mars, Inc. and was named among the foods affected by the Menu Foods recall. My dog did vomit once, but after reading the labels and clearing my shelves of the "tainted" food, I continued to feed it. I trusted Nutro. But later that year, both my cats suddenly started vomiting multiple times a week. I haven't fed the food since, and my cats stopped vomiting immediately. After reading some of the complaints, I know we were lucky.

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