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Find the Hidden Kitten--and Peace Too!

By Lynn Published: September 1, 2010

I spent a couple of hours at the One of a Kind store last Monday. It's my volunteer job to take photos of the kitties there, write bios for them, and post them to

Can you find the hidden kitten in this picture?

There are kitties everywhere! On the shelves, on the counter, in the windowsills, in the crates.

Hoodie Kitty

This young lady likes to stop by and play with the kitties every day. It's a wonderful way to keep them socialized.

As I wandered around the store waiting for the staff to help me, I watched what was going on there.

It was chaos with with a constant flow of people in and out the doors. But you know what?  There was peace in that chaos. All you had to do was watch the people.

  • There were tots and teens, middle agers and senior citizens.

  • There were various ethnicities.

  • There were the stalwart and the frail.

  • There were dog lovers and cat lovers.

  • There were people just looking and there were people who wanted to take a new best friend home.

Yet everyone stopped to talk and pet the animals. And, even more importantly, they talked to each other about the animals. They smiled at each other. They joked. They shared stories. Three of them filled out applications to take animals home.

The world is a scary place right now. But, here, in this neighborhood  store, because of the commonality of the animals, there was peace--and hope.

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