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Foreclosure threatens to put out 5 Ohio tigers

By jim Published: August 19, 2009

ASHLAND, Ohio (AP) — Five tigers have joined the ranks of those threatened with losing homes to foreclosure in Ohio.

The animals are cared for by Jose and Denise Flores at their Tiger Paw Exotic Rescue Center outside Ashland in north-central Ohio. The couple fell behind on their mortgage payments after Jose Flores was laid off several months ago from his job with a tool company, and their property is scheduled to be sold in a sheriff's auction Aug. 24.

Their lawyer has filed for a stay.

Denise Flores says she doesn't know where they'll be able to go with big cats Tazzie, Ticha, Katie, Delilah and Sammie. Three of the tigers were adopted from a woman who had bought them at auction, a fourth had been hurt by a dog, and the fifth is the offspring of two of the others.

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