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Found Gray Tabby Cat Possible Siamese mix in Canton

By Dan Kadar Published: June 18, 2012

Female tabby cat/tiger stripe cat with possible Siamese mix.

She has the "Tabby" stripes on her face, legs, and tail, but with a very light colored gray/brown body and very blue eyes. Looks to be about a year to 2 years old.

Very friendly and affectionate.

She is de-clawed, and looks like she had somewhat recent surgery on her right shoulder area. The hair looks very short there, like it was shaved away from a vet visit and is growing back..

I'm assuming she's also spayed but I can not confirm this.

She's had an advantage flee treatment, and an ear mite treatment simply because I need to protect my other cats, and she seems to be free of worms.

We found her late night on the 15th of June at an apartment complex near the FootBall Hall of Fame area in Canton. She is VERY skinny, but in otherwise decent shape.

If this is your cat please contact me so I can return her! (

I am unsure I will be able to keep her if we can't find her owner or a home but I will do what I can. She will be free for adoption if I'm unable to find her owner.

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