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Help needed for rescued Portage County horses

By jim Published: April 23, 2009

DEERFIELD -- Humane Society investigators had warrants to search two properties here owned by the same person.

There were 29 horses at one location and nine at the other.

Not all of them were seized, but those animals that were confiscated appeared to be in bad shape.

They came out of the barn caked in their own waste, with shaggy twisted manes and hooves so long they resemble the shape of wooden shoes.

It is just as difficult to walk on for the animals.

"They are very thin. Their hooves were so long they were curling up and the stalls were in bad condition," Humane officer Jennifer Sanderson said.

For the last nine months, the county has been trying to work with horse breeder Jennifer Cooper. Full story at

If you would like to help, contact Happy Trails Animal Sanctuary.

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