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Holley is looking for a new home

By jim Published: March 10, 2011

This sweetheart is Holley. Holley is a 4-yr-old mixed breed on the small to medium side of about 35lbs. Due to Holley's personality, natural abilities/traits and characteristics, we estimate Holley to be a Border Collie mix with maybe some black lab. Her Dad did have some black lab in him as well.

Holley was first taken into MHAF rescue as a puppy. After living her first few months underneath a trailer home and then being left behind at a kennel, she came to MHAF looking for a new start. Holley was adopted into a home and lived there for a few years until the family's situation changed and Holley was returned to MHAF. Holley is now looking for a home again and she is very hopeful that she'll found her permanent home this time.

Holley has many wonderful qualities! Holley is a little love bug who always aims to please her people! Holley LOVES to snuggle, cuddle and give kisses! She is very affectionate and loyal. She is very intelligent and is a quick learner. Holley is currently receiving training in her foster home. Holley is being trained with positive reinforcement methods and is clicker trained. Holley is enjoying this training approach and it is helping her become a confident, focused girl. Holley is working on basic obedience along with some tricks and loose leash walking skills. Holley has great recall and good mannerisms overall.

Click below to learn more about Holley and to see more photos.

Holley LOVES to cuddle up in her soft blankets or bed. She is a polite, prim and proper little lady at times while at other times, she's not afraid to get a little "dirty" per say. Holley enjoys going for walks or playing fetch outdoors but on the cold winter days, she'd much rather be staying warm indoors! Holley is the dog who will love to tag along and go anywhere. She loves car rides and is happy to accompany you on your errands. She loves hiking and isn't afraid to wade thru the puddles and truly explore the outdoors. She is a very pleasant friend to have along for a walk. Holley is also great at keeping you company as you do yard work and is relaxed and content with just hanging out.

Holley thrives on mental stimulation and likes toys that are puzzles for dogs like the KONG, kibble nibble, funny bone and she likes her chewies like the deer antler and marrow bones. Hollley also loves squeaky toys! Holley has a very healthy energy level but once she has some mental or physical exercise, she's happy to lay back and take it easy. And she's not hard to please, so any activity you choose for her, she's willing to participate. Holley has a cheerful, happy, loving personality and will help you recover from a bad day or quickly lift your spirits when you're down. It's hard not to love this little girl.

Holley has come very far with learning to accept and now love the world as she wasn't socialized or exposed to new things in her previous home. While Holley is still shy about going to the park or pet store, she's starting to actually like it!

Holley's ideal new home would be one on the quieter side where she can own the spotlight! Holley needs to be the only pet and she prefers it that way- the little diva that she is! Holley would love a home with older children or adults. She loves to play, exercise, go on walks, spend time with her family and cuddle. Oh and give kisses and get petting!

Holley deserves to be someone's best friend and appreciated for all her wonderful attributes.

Holley is very agile and curious. She would be excellent at agility and would love a family who would explore this potential with her. After seeing this sweet face, think about her and then come meet her. She's extremely charming in person. You're guaranteed to get lots of tail wagging and kisses!

If interested please contact Deanna at and visit to review our adoption process and fill out an application. Holley would like to fill that spot in your heart!
Holley's adoption fee is $125 and covers HW test, Rabies, Basic vaccines, spay/neuter.

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