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Humane Society offers two animals for price of one

By jim Published: August 11, 2009

The Humane Society of Greater Akron has had a record-breaking summer, and to celebrate the number of animals available for adoption, it is offering a Back to School Special — two animals for the price of one.

More than 180 animals have been surrendered to the agency since June 1, the highest number in a two-month period in its 40-year history.

The 106 animals surrendered in July by the Heaven Can Wait rescue organization have stretched the Humane Society's resources — and have pushed the number to more than 600 animals under the agency's care, Humane Society officials said.

The large number of animals at the no-kill shelter makes it a great market for prospective owners, said Karen Conklin, executive director of the society.

''Our dogs and cats come in all sizes, ages and colors. They come with unconditional love and a return to shelter guarantee,'' Conklin said.

All animals have been medically checked, vaccinated and spayed/neutered, with those costs included in adoption fees.

Senior dogs (more than 7 years old) are $40 and senior cats are $25.

Puppies and adult dogs are $99.

Kittens are $75, cats are $50 and rabbits and animals with special needs are $40.

The humane society is also a participant in the Pets for the Elderly Program, which enables senior citizens to adopt animals (excluding puppies) for $15.

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