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I'm Cute & Cuddly but... I have no home, no family...

By Carol Published: August 9, 2010

Everyone loves kittens and puppies!  Most rescue groups know it is easier to find homes for cute little babies but not so easy for the adult dog or cat.  I tend to believe that the hardest is the adult cat. Some no kill rescues can have adult cats in foster care for years.  It really isn't the cat itself that is to blame, most are unique and have outstanding personalities.  Adult cats are kittens in bigger bodies really.  It's too bad that most people don't get to see all that personality because adult cats may not show off their best side at an adoption event. The foster family knows about their special ward and all his or her attributes but just telling someone doesn't reach out and grab them as much as a playful little ball of fur.

Families that do reach out and adopt an adult cat or dog really are saving that pet and giving it something special. I think of all the adult pets that are put to sleep in this country every year. Who grieves for them, who cares and in my heart I know most of them loved a human very much at sometime in their lives.  Pets aren't disposable or throwaway things like much of the things in our culture today yet so many adult cats especially are simply forgotten.

Here is my solution, step out of the box and comfort zone. Go the extra mile to help an adult cat or dog today.  You may find that introducing an adult pet into your home is easier and less stressful then bringing home a kitten or puppy.  Not dealing with spay and neutering (stitches) or house breaking a puppy.  Reassure a rescued pet today that they will not loose this home and you won't dispose of them.  How about they count, they are important, and they are worthy of love too!

Go to the local shelter, find a rescue, or go to

Try Save Ohio Strays, they have 20 adult cats and no homes for them.

Kindred Acres Farm

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