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If you were a dog, which breed would you be?

By Gay Published: July 22, 2009

Below, I have mentioned some of the characteristics of popular dogs—see if you can match them to your own traits.  Even if you match a certain dog particularly well, it doesn’t mean that that breed is necessarily best for you or your family.  After all, opposites attract.

I have not chosen any particular breeds (well, I do have several favorites, but I won’t name them!), just tried to pick one or two from each category.

1.  You are alert, dignified, and you prefer being the center of attention.  You don’t want to share your family with anyone else.  You are protective of your family, and you are very courageous.

2.  You love to hunt!  Live for it!  You are eager for activity (especially hunting) and you are full of energy.  You are friendly and want to please.

3.  You are reliable, stable, self-assured and extremely courageous.  You are protective and loyal to your family, and you are intelligent and confident.

4.  You are extremely energetic and like a great deal of exercise.  Very intelligent and alert, you are an intense worker and interested and aware of what goes on around you.  Although you are friendly, you are reserved with strangers until you get to know them.

5.  You are really, really friendly and outgoing.  You aren’t a bit shy with anyone. You love children, and while you like to lay with them, you are also happy being a couch potato.

6.  You adore horses, and you love to be around them.  You are fun-loving and people oriented, and you are content to just sit and relax with people, or you can exercise with the best.

7.  Active, energetic, friendly—and you are beautiful and care about your looks.  Highly intelligent, you prefer work that is useful and helpful to others.  You are powerful, but also trustworthy. You can work hard during the day and party at night.

8.  You are the soul of gentleness.  Well-mannered, tractable, with a pleasant disposition, you like activity, but you are at heart family- oriented.  You are friendly and very outgoing, and you are a good worker.

9.  You have a naturally happy nature, yet despite your playfulness, you are steady and self-confident. You are quite adaptable to your surroundings, but you prefer activity to just sitting.  You are interested in what’s going on.

10.  You’ve got wheels!  You are fast, and you love to show off your swiftness.  Playful, you are also gentle and loving.  Did I forget to mention that you are smart?


1:  Akita

2:  American Water Spaniel

3:  Black Russian Terrier

4:  Border Collie

5: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

6:  Dalmation

7: Golden Retriever

8: Labrador Retriever

9: Wheaten Terrier

10: Scottish Terrier

This blog grew out of a note from one of my daughters-in-law.  Her youngest child had a birthday party, and his older brother was busy organizing the partygoers and ther activities.  I said, “If Ethan were a dog, he’d be a Border Collie.”

So, what are you?

By Gay Fifer, owner, Parsley Hollow, Inc

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