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In the Dog House

By BrookeLynn Published: June 12, 2009

As you have probably seen in all the coverage lately: There is a doghouse exhibit at Stan Hywet.  I know, no big surprise.  But I am a curious being, and wanted to dive in a little bit further because as you may or may not know: the dog house has totally made a comeback... in a big, big way.

Doghouses have been around for centuries as history reports.  The humble beginnings of doghouses are linked to primitive protective shelters built out of scrap materials.  Even in the ash of Pompeii, proof of these doggy dwellings abound.  While time has lapsed, the structures and designs of doghouses have also changed.  No longer are we using leftover lumber, but we are specifically purchasing materials  to make our canine their own castle… or having someone do it for us.

Building doghouses is a true art form in itself.  Knowing your pup and his or her personality is an important factor to decide size and space.

Does such a local doghouse builder exist in our area?  Believe it or not, yes: and I found him.   Tom Miller, a local guy that not only owns Dog Gone It Yard Duty, but also builds custom doghouses for the precious pooch.

“We’ve had requests of all kinds”, says Tom.  “The most unique request I’ve gotten is to make the Mini Me House (which looks like their human house,  just smaller) Tom has been building and gardening for over 10 years.  Not only that, but his company is a bit of a doggy renaissance company: offering pet sitting, pet taxiing, dog houses designs, and yard pickup.

And another thing, folks aren’t money-shy about making sure their dog has their own mansion.  Some of the super- luxury dog houses can cost up to $6,000-$25,000 according to   After all, our dogs are the yin to our yang…and our best friends: so they’re worth it....  right?

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