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By Gay Published: April 13, 2010

Where I live, it's not usually this warm in early April. For whatever reason, global warming, el Nino, or a lot of hot air from celebrities' mouths we've had gorgeous weather. Warmth, bright sun, chirping birds, the whole shebang. It feels like spring, even though I know that we'll be hit with a snowstorm before summer rolls around. And, with warm weather comes bad behavior from dog owners.

I was at the grocery store, and in a big, ol' deep blue Ford Fairlane low rider stood a dog, part poodle and part a few other things. It had its entire head out of the window and was barking furiously. When I finished my shopping, I came back out and it was still there, only by now, it was whining piteously. Was it lonely? Afraid? In need of a potty break? Maybe, but you can also bet that it was hot and becoming dehydrated.

This post will be short. DO NOT KEEP YOUR ANIMAL IN A CAR. Even with the windows cracked, the thermometer can easily rise to well over 100 degrees. If you MUST leave your pet -- and only an absolute emergency warrants it -- then roll up the windows and turn on the air conditioning. And only for five minutes. That's enough time to run into the emergency room to find out if you are dead. There's just really no other reason.

As I started my car, the owner came back and drove away. I thought about getting out of my car and confronting the owner. Not my business, you might think, but I believe that whenever we witness abuse, it is our duty to try to correct it. To tell the truth, the dude was a bit frightening with his multiple vulgar tattoos, his huge belly and even huger forearms. Maybe I am typecasting him -- maybe he is a really nice, sweet guy, but we usually deliberately present an image, and his told me to shut my mouth. He obviously liked his dog because he ruffled its fur and kissed it. His actions did not speak of love, however.


And for this guy, you might want to re-think that car. It was ugly in the early 60's, and it's ugly now.

Please don't write to tell me what a classic that car is. I know nothing about cars, positive or negative, just that his looked like an elongated spacecraft ready to hover over the grocery store.

Written by Gay Fifer, owner, Parsley Hollow, Inc.

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