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Is your cat trained for a harness and leash?

By jim Published: June 19, 2009

Should you train your cat to wear a harness and walk with a lease and how do you do it? Yes, it is a good idea for a number of reasons.

You may travel with your cat/ pet and it is very important that they have their ID on them. A moment of fear can cause a cat to bolt and they are already in a strange environment, when you travel with them. Even if it is only to the vet.

You might see them do it, but they will seldom respond to a voice command to return to you when they are frighten. If your attention is diverted, the ID they wear is the only hope you have of getting them back. They can sometimes make an escape from a cat carrier.

Wearing a harness and lease can also afford an indoor only cat the chance to go outside in a controlled and safe way. Even if it is only to the patio. You can sit out on the patio or balcony and your cat can join you. There are so many things to stimulate the cats senses, from smelling the air to enjoying the birds in your garden, by pretending to be a hunter. If you live in a quiet neighborhood you might get the cat to go for a walk. It depends on the cat and their comfort level.

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