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It's Spring, and a pet's fancy turns to love

By Gay Published: April 6, 2010

It has been a spectacular ten days where we live and where we've visited. This is the season when we shed winter's heavy clothes and bad attitudes. The sun is shining! There are flowers struggling mightily to burst forth from the ground! We humans take on a Golden Retriever's demeanor on this kind of day. We want to romp and play, scramble madly for the seed catalogs, dig out the yard tools, repair some, replace others. We want to sip light alcoholics concoctions and grill everything. Oh, yeah, and we want to fall in love. Maybe for the first time, or maybe, as in my case, just to remember why I fell in love for the first time with the man I married. Love is in the air, but for your pets, it can be a dangerous time.

Your pets, unless neutered, will find a mate. All kinds of undesirable activities accompany the urge to reproduce, including fighting, particularly in males, spraying, yowling, constant crying, blood from a female in estrus, roaming, wandering off without regard to territory, and the dangers that accompany such behaviors.

Years ago, I was buying carpet, and the store's resident cat was curled on a remnant piece of soft carpet, nursing her babies. The owner told me she wasn't having much luck in finding homes for the kittens and guessed she would just drown them. I was horrified, and naturally, I did not purchase carpet from that place. If she was negligent with an animal she professed to love, why would she care about the products she sold? I asked her how she could kill these little bits of fur, and she said it was kinder than letting them roam as feral cats and get hit by a car, killed by a dog, etc. I asked her why in the world she hadn't spayed her cat, a really pretty little thing. She said, "Oh, I am going to, but I thought, I will let her out one last time for some fun."

Let's be blunt. Cats and dogs don't engage in sexual activity for "fun." They are responding to an instinct to reproduce. That drive is inborn and it is what has kept every living species continuing.

We humans don't

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