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Jaycee Dugard’s pets

By Gay Published: October 15, 2009

I have just finished reading about the reunion of Jaycee Dugard with her family. This remarkable young woman endured horrific things, but she managed to teach her two girls, fathered by the pedophile who kidnapped her, despite having gone to school only through the sixth grade. This blog is not about what I feel should be done to the Garridos. It is, instead, about love.

Evidently, Jaycee and her children had lots of pets, and all were well-cared for. Surely they provided love and a sense of family for the captive group. How was Jaycee able to care for and enrich a child she bore at the age of fourteen, a dangerous age to bear children, and without the help of medical attendants. Four years later, she endured it again. But she chose to love and nurture her children, although but a child herself. She managed to find a way to educate them, without help from anyone. And she found a way to bring animals into her girls’ lives. Cats, dogs, cockatiels, a mouse—she provided loving companionship for her children. I believe the return of their animals will provide a healing stone for them to hold onto as they navigate their way in a world which, for Jaycee, has changed drastically, and for her children, who never had the opportunity to experience a normal life.

Animals provide healing for so many people: Those who are in nursing homes feel love and devotion from animals that visit. Children who are sick hold on to a loving animal. And animals so not commit the abominable acts to which the Garridos, who feel they are not guilty, subject these young girls.

How wonderful that they have had something tangible to cling to, something which means them no harm but gives only love. Jaycee and her two daughters have been receiving horse therapy which has proved almost miraculous for other people who have suffered from various kinds of anguish. May this brave, strong young woman and her two girls be able to live, as much as possible, considering their torture and alienation from society, a normal and happy life.

Bless the beasts and the children.

--submitted by Gay Fifer, Parsley Hollow, Inc.

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