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LA Animal Manager Admits That Law Was To Expand Power

By Susan Published: March 18, 2009

In the monthly update from the Animal Dog Owner's Association, the Los Angels Animal Services General Manager who supported the mandatory spay and neuter law in LA county admitted it was not about saving cats and dogs but about giving more power to animal control officers.  In the monthly legislative report from ADOA the county has also abolished the low cost spaying and neutering making compliance to the law more difficult for low-income families.  Also the number of animals that have been euthanized has dramatically increased for the first time in over a decade since the mandatory spay and neuter law was passed..

For further information visit ADOA's website

Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) General Manager Ed Boks made headlines in his support last year of Assembly Bill 1634, California’s mandatory spay/neuter bill when he admitted that the legislation was more about expanding the bureaucratic power of animal control than saving animals. During a legislative hearing, a Senator asked Ed Boks, the General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) and one of the bill’s chief proponents: “Mr. Boks, this bill doesn’t even pretend to be about saving animals, does it?” To which Boks responded: “No Senator, this is not about saving dogs and cats.”
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