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Leaving Children Alone With Your Dog May Be Dangerous

By BrookeLynn Published: March 16, 2009

Just like the title of this tidbit, it is true.

Some safety measures should be taken, and carefully considered when dealing with small children and owning a dog.  Without taking the proper precautions, serious things could occur.

Serious things like this:

Upon further examination and thought, I feel this young Picasso has masterful skills in accenting the model's snout, choosing cool colors that compliment this blank white canvas.

Stripes are also an eloquent choice, as it leaves your imagination wondering.

Is this a tiger?  Zebra? Or perhaps the brown stripes represent Earth's continents, with blue water as our seas.

Nonetheless, if I walked in to see this in my livingroom.  I'm not too sure of what I would do.  You?


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