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Literary cat makes library visits

By jim Published: April 29, 2009

From the BBC:

Fidel, an eight-year-old black cat, turns up at Deal library almost every day for the past two years while his owners are at work.

He spends the day on his favourite blue chair, only leaving the building when he sees his owners arriving home.

Staff say they have never tried to encourage Fidel with food and even used to put him outside when he first began to visit them, but he always came back.

Full story ->

Here's another fun cat story from our friends across the pond:

Cat recruited to patrol station

Pc Tizer is said to be a valuable member of the team
Police at a north London railway station have got mice running scared - after recruiting a 13-year-old cat. Read this story.

Since this story is from 2007 and thirteen is getting up there in cats years, a search for Pc TIzer didn't turn up any news if he is still on the job.


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