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Lost beautiful white cat in Goodyear Heights/Tallmadge area

By Ohio.com Published: August 7, 2012

My kitty "Angel" got out of the house a couple weeks ago. In the past if she got out, she would always come home a couple days later. I have walked around the neighborhood looking and asking if anyone has seen her. She is a gorgeous cat, so I'm assuming someone must have brought her into their home. If you have her, or know who does - please, please let me know.

She is a full bred Ragdoll - looks very similar to a Siamese.

She is white with grey on her face and tail - and the most amazing blue eyes. She is not declawed but is spayed. She was not wearing a collar. Very sweet cat. Tallmadge/Goodyear Heights area

Please email me at jendelo@aol.com if you know where she is.

Thank you!


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