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LOST: Help SOS Find Our Lost Adoptable!!!

By Amber Published: September 13, 2011


NEAR 303 & 252 - Myrtle Hill Rd in Valley City- LOST SOS MOMMA DOG!!!! This fearful girl was rescued by us last week and has been scared from the time she was rescued. She is about 33 lbs- mostly Black with long hound ears and long nose-white & black speckled legs. VERY pregnant! She has 11 babies in her belly but has been skittish from the start so she will most likely HIDE. PLEASE, if you see ANY dog like this, call us ASAP at 330-635-5785 or 330-635-5787 if you last spotted her! Myrtle Hill Rd in Valley City. Thank you!

~The Entire SOS Volunteer Team~

Contact: Save Ohio Strays
Phone: (440) 567-3585
E-Mail: info@saveohiostrays.org

Official Site: www.saveohiostrays.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Ohio-Strays/50286800329
SOS Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SaveOhioStrays


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