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Lost puppy reunited with Ohio family after car crash

By jim Published: June 15, 2010

ELYRIA, Ohio (AP) — A missing puppy that fled an Ohio car crash has turned up safe and healthy at a dog-friendly home.

Bella, a pug and beagle mix, was traveling with the family of five that owns her when their Jeep Liberty went off a road in Elyria and crashed on Saturday.

The frightened 5-month-old pup took off, so parents Amy and Greg Wildman and their three children hung fliers and canvassed roads in the area west of Cleveland to find their pet.

Meanwhile, Bella took refuge on a porch belonging to Melissa and Ruben Spurlock, who have two 2-year-old dogs of their own. Melissa Spurlock says Bella was so scared she was relieving herself everywhere.

The Spurlocks took care of the skittish pup until the dog warden came to take her to her family.


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