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Maybe found "Patches"

By jim Published: June 25, 2011

Hello. I had an encounter about a month ago with a little girl that was looking for her cat. She said his name was "Patches," and told me what he looked like. I believe her cat was on my back deck this evening, but, there were also a couple of raccoons. I tried to coax the cat to me, but he was scared off by one of the raccoons that frequent the deck. I believe the cat may have been that little girl's cat, but, I didn't get her phone number from her, and I can't find the ad in the newspaper that they had put. Please, help me try and find that day's lost and found ad for the little girl.

You can contact me at 330-699-0835 - evening hours only, as I am working during the day.
We live in Uniontown, and the girl was looking for her cat at the house next door to us, which, at the time, had some feral cats living in the vacant house's garage.


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