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By jim Published: April 30, 2010

The intro to MeanKitty clues you in for what's ahead:

Are you tired of sappy websites where owners post sweet kitty antics? Do you long for something more substantial than kitten wars or lolcats? While cutiepie sites have their place, do you know in your heart of hearts that kitties are not at all sweet?

Well, this is the place for the in-depth revelation of kitty antics that are *not* so cute, the place where the real face of kitty is revealed.

What makes Toby so mean?

Toby is the craziest cat I've ever owned. He isn't afraid of water - he likes to sleep in the sinks and walk on the edge of the bathtub when I'm taking a bath. He loves to fetch - straws, socks, whiffle balls, anything. He will actually carry it back to you in his mouth, drop it at your feet, and wait for you to throw it again.

I will never be able to give Toby to someone else because he tends to have a really nasty attitude. Not many people know how to deal with him. He's very territorial and lets everyone know that he is the king of the house. If you touch him the wrong way, or even LOOK at him the wrong way, he will get very angry and yowl at you. If you keep it up for long enough, he will eventually attack you and do his best to draw blood.

There is only one way to appease the mean holding up a straw. You can drive him to the point where he's ready to rip your throat to shreds, then hold a straw in front of him, and he will stop mid-swat and start purring and rubbing up against your hand like you're his best friend in the entire world. Don't get me wrong, he has his moments of sweetness. He can be the friendliest cat on earth - but only when he wants to be.

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