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Meet Alfie - A Very Handsome Fellow

By Carol Published: January 12, 2010

Very beautiful parrot available on and is currently being fostered by Parrot Education and Adoption Center (PEAC) of Cleveland, Ohio. PEAC is a special organization requiring potential adopters to attend educational seminars, two of which are online, prior to adopting a PEAC parrot. Special knowledge is necessary to handle and care for a large parrot, the experience is very different compared to other companion animals.

PEAC wishes to enrich the relationship between owners and companion parrots by offering learning opportunities year round. Special seminars presented by some of the best and well know teachers and experts in applied behavior and training are offered to members of PEAC as well as non-members.

Alfie is a rescue bird who is currently in the PEAC program and has been so, on and off for a total of six years. Alfie was adopted and then surrendered again due to a new baby or a change in family dynamics. PEAC is a wonderful organization who has given Alfie a lifetime commitment of care but a loving and permanent home is the ultimate goal for Alfie!

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