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Meet Marshall Matt Dillon - one awesome cat

By jim Published: July 23, 2009

Marshall Matt Dillon was one of 132 cats kept by a hoarder in California. He is the star of his neighborhood and at fourteen years old still has a playful personality that shines through. Jane Parks-McKay and her husband, Tim McKay adopted the black and white cat four years ago.

"He brings treasures to us every night," Jane said. "First he rounds me up and tells me that it is time for bed. Then I get in bed and he gets in with me. After a few minutes, he is probably convinced I will stay in bed and he goes to the living room to his toy chest."

From this huge toy chest, Dillon "brings what we call his 'babies' to bed," she said. "Stuffed animal babies of all types and sizes. Sometimes he drags them if they're big, sometimes he uses his little paws to bop them around and sometimes he jumps on the bed with them. We find babies all over the place.

We are drawn to animals with big personalities. For an cat that probably got little attention from the hoarder, it makes Dillon's story all that more unique.

"You'd never know it from his disposition but he has a lot of ills," Jane said. "He has pancreatitis, diabetes, chronic bronchitis and asthma, all of which we treat him for. We no longer take vacations or go out at night because of Dillon's medication schedule," which includes 29 injections a week, according to Tim.

Dillon endures it all and seems thrilled to start each new day, Jane said.

"He is happy and joyous and brings needed smiles on our faces and everyone else he meets."

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