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Mutt dodging rescue attempts of Toledo woman, others tailing it

By jim Published: July 27, 2009

Dragging a leash and fending for itself, a pooch on the prowl for several months in Ottawa County isn't killing livestock, but it is stealing hearts.

Cindy Koepfer is dotty about the catch-me-if-you-can canine, and she dreams of the day when she can wrap her arms around its scruffy neck and whisper in its ear, "It's OK girl, it's OK. You're safe now. You're home."

But that likely won't be today, tomorrow, or the next day.

The mixed-breed dog, alone and without a home since at least October, continues to outfox would-be captors. And this alarms Ms. Koepfer.

"Lately, she's been walking real slow. She's getting worn out. Being out there like that, all by herself, it's wearing on her," said the 52-year-old woman who has made it her mission to catch the mystery mutt. Is it lost? Was it abandoned?

Nearly every day Ms. Koepfer treks from her Toledo home to Clay Township where, carrying binoculars and sometimes a pork roast, she tracks the stray and tries to gain its trust.

She's been close enough to hear the jingle of its collar and to see the sadness in its eyes.

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Story update: Rescuers finally corral elusive pooch

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