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My Bird Annabelle having Fun

By Carol Published: October 7, 2010

Annabelle is an Umbrella Cockatoo that we adopted last year. She was rescued from neglect and as you can see she plucked her feathers. Annabelle's follicles are now to damaged for feathers to grow in normally. She will always look a little like a fryer but now I couldn't picture her any other way.

As far as I can tell I would say Annabelle is not a spring cockatoo! She is very remarkable though and amazing in her speech and personality. Cockatoo's are extremely social and can be very loud and destructive if they aren't cared for properly by giving them plenty of attention, toys and healthy foods.

Before considering getting a bird it is very important to do research because it is a different experience compared to a dog or a cat. Parrots are challenging and unique. Annabelle loves Hank Williams music, snuggling in a blanket, spaghetti with sauce and many other things except sharing spaghetti!

Gratefully, she never learned to swear but knows the words to Jingle Bells, Jesus Loves Me, and a few other songs. She calls me mom, says "I love you" and a host of other things. She fears potholders, paper towel rolls, and occasionally she growls at me. What more could a pet owner ask for out of a relationship!

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