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My cat is psychic, is yours?

By Leighangela Published: May 9, 2009

I never really put much thought into the stories I had heard about cats being psychic or "sensing" when something was about to occur.

There was the story about Oscar, the Providence, RI nursing home cat who reportedly predicted at least 25 patient deaths by visiting the beds of those about to pass on. And there are countless stories of cats acting strangely prior to earthquakes, storms and fires. If this was some kind of sensitivity, no pet of mine has ever displayed anything like that. My cats certainly don't stay by my side when I'm sick as so many others claim of their cats.

But I now think there's something to this.

I have had my cat, also named Oscar, for over twelve years. He has always enjoyed the privilege of sleeping on the bed with me. That was until last summer, when we moved in with someone who is allergic to him. After weeks of jumping up for his nightly sleep 'n cuddle only to be put back on the floor, attempt after attempt, he finally gave up. He now sleeps in various locations around the house during the night.

But over the past few weeks, Oscar has decided that ten minutes of cuddling is better than nothing. He has taken to jumping on the bed and cuddling with me--as I try to sush his overjoyed purrs so as not to wake the allergy sufferer inches away--ten minutes before the alarm goes off. Even though my alarm is usually never set for the same time two days in a row, it is almost always set within a half hour difference. So, I noted this but didn't read much into it...until today. Today, because I had to get ready for Bark in the Park, my alarm was set to go off three hours earlier than usual. Oscar still appeared ten minutes before the alarm went off.

It sure is sweet to wake up to a soft purr as opposed to a piercing alarm.

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