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Naughty Pet? Don't Give Up!

By Leighangela Published: August 15, 2009

While hundreds of strays and pets are taken in at the Akron Humane Society and Animal Control each month due to foreclosures, the death of pet owners, and cruelty cases, hundreds more are surrendered because of behavior issues.

But many people see adoption as a promise. They stick with problem pets all the way through to a peaceful, loving home. They realize that training doesn't have to be time consuming, it just needs to be consistent.

When Nancy H. and her husband got a Beagle puppy for their daughter Katelyn, they didn't know much about the breed and didn't have a lot of experience with dogs.

“The bad behavior was more our fault for poor training,” admitted Nancy. The dog, named KC, couldn't grasp potty training and went all over the house. They didn't walk her, but tied her in the yard. She would go outside, but continued to go inside as well. KC was kept in the kitchen when left alone, where she proceeded to chew the cabinets.

“We really were at the end of our ropes and seriously considered giving her away,” said Nancy. “But after I did some research, I learned it was not uncommon for Beagles to take up to four years to house train.” That information came just in time for KC to stay with her family. Thanks to the patience and extra attention of Nancy's family, KC is now a happy, well-trained, housebroken dog who scratches at the door when she needs to go outside and come back in.

“She is now the best dog in the world, we love her, spoil her, and treat her like any family member,” said Nancy. “She in turn gives us love, companionship, and entertainment.”

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