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New humane officer appointed at Portage APL

By Ohio.com Published: February 14, 2014

Wanda White was appointed the new humane officer at the Portage APL on Monday.

White is replacing Kathy Cordaro, who has been the acting humane officer for the last year.

“Wanda is a great addition to Portage APL," Executive Director Chalan Lowry said in a release. "We are happy to have her and know she will work very hard to help animals in the community and uphold and enforce animal cruelty laws in Portage County."

Lowry noted that White, who is a registered veterinary technician, grew up on a farm giving her a knowledge on an array of animals.

Cordaro will resume her regular full-time position with the APL.

"There is only one Humane Officer in all of Portage County to answer reports of neglect and cruelty," Lowry said. "Wanda has an important role to fill."

For more information on the Portage Animal Protective League, call them at at (33) 296-4022, or visit their website at http://portageapl.org


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