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Non-profit Rescues Struggle These Days

By Carol Published: February 6, 2010

Zoe is so cute with her little yellow crest! She's a great bird that has been re-homed because her owners had a change in family status and no longer could provide the time and attention a Cockatoo needs.

Zoe and other parrots available for adoption through PEAC are vet checked and if needed are treated for any issues or illnesses at the cost of PEAC. Like all nonprofits rescues, PEAC's mission is to provide the best care for each parrot but that isn't an easy task these days because of the economy.

PEAC reaches out to help parrots in a special way by offering online classes and sponsoring seminars to educate and support parrot owners. Animal lovers in general can benefit from PEAC's seminars because they are based on positive reinforcement and provide ways to better communicate to all companion animals.

A cure for the blues! If you turn on the news or talk to coworkers the current economic issues are bound to come up but there is a cure for the economic blues - Giving is the best medicine. Always being a consumer leaves a large empty hole in your life which you will never be able to fill. When you feel anxiety a quick fix is to give just because it feels good. You can't control what is happening in the economy but you can take a small step and make a difference in someone's life or in a special companion animals life.

Give money, give time, give pet food!

If you'd like to make a donation to PEAC you can contact them by email at If parrots aren't your thing than there are many nonprofits that need your help. Donate, adopt, or volunteer - save a life and cure those economic blues!

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