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Ohio Lets Dog Abusers Off Easy

By Leighangela Published: February 17, 2011

Among all states and their animal cruelty laws, Ohio ranks 45th out of 50 in how the state prosecutes animal abusers.

Back in 2009, told you about an Ohio kennel owner who was sued after he starved a dog (and 11 others) in his care. These dogs were left with him by pet owners who had to go on trips and wanted to place their dog in a safe place. Instead, the owners of Nitro, a Rottweiler left at the kennel, were called by police while on their trip and informed that Nitro had been starved to death.

The kennel owner did serve four months in jail and fined for animal abuse, but Nitro's case was not one of the counts against him.

Nitro's owners created a bill called Nitro's Law in hopes that Ohio would toughen up on animal abusers. But the bill died too, on the last day of 2010. We need to get this bill back to the Senate so it can be voted on.

Please read more about Nitro and Nitro's Bill at

Contact Chairman Tim Grendell, Senate Judiciary Criminal Justice Committee about the bill. Chairman Grendell is able to decide whether Nitro’s Law HB70 will advance:
Phone: (614) 644-7718

Animal advocate Nikki Moustaki is eating dog food every day until the bill passes. What can you do?

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