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Owner fatally beats pit bull after it bites woman

By jim Published: April 22, 2009

ANDERSON, Ind. (AP) — A man fatally beat and strangled his pit bull after the dog chased and repeatedly bit a 20-year-old woman, saying he did what was necessary after the attack.

Kayla Greene received stitches for numerous bite wounds to her arms and buttocks that she suffered before the dog's owner pulled the animal off her.

The attack and the killing of the dog by Dustin Haskett, 25, are under investigation, and it will be up to prosecutors to decide whether he will face animal cruelty charges, city police Detective Mitch Carroll said.

Greene said she was attacked Monday as she and her sister, Erin Greene, were walking to a convenience store and she tried to run away from the dog.

Haskett said that once he pulled the dog away from Greene, he used the handle to a sledge hammer to beat the animal for five minutes.

After beating the dog, Haskett says he saw that it was still breathing. "I had my foot on her throat until she was done," he told The Herald Bulletin.

Haskett said he did what he thought was necessary.

"As far as animal cruelty, it wasn't fun and games for me," he said.

Carroll said Haskett could face a misdemeanor charge of harboring an unimmunized animal and that the dog actions would be important in determining any cruelty charges.

"It's not as if he grabbed Fifi the poodle with a bow on her head and wrapped her around the tree," Carroll said. "We're talking about a vicious animal."

Haskett said he only had the dog for two days before the attack, but Carroll said the dog's ownership was being investigated.

The Greene said they have owned pit bulls before and don't believe the breed is naturally more aggressive or vicious. Kayla Greene said she does not blame the dog, but the owner.

"It was raised mean," she said.

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