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Pa. fire chief reunited by chance with lost dog

By jim Published: July 21, 2009

DERRY, Pa. (AP) — A volunteer fire chief from Pennsylvania has been reunited with a dog he gave up five years ago, after he discovered the animal was at a shelter where firefighters had taken two other dogs rescued from a cliff.

Eastern Derry Fire Chief Derrick Bollinger was one of a handful of firefighters who rescued the other dogs on Friday. Another firefighter rappelled 20 feet down a cliff to reach the animals.

The dogs were taken to the Action of Animals Humane Society shelter in Derry Township, where the director told Bollinger she had a Dalmatian that would be an ideal mascot for the fire company.

Bollinger told the shelter director he had to give up his dog when he moved five years ago, only to discover the shelter's Dalmatian was the same dog, Halligan.


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