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By millere80 Published: December 15, 2009

Meet Lily....

Cruelly abandoned by her owners when they moved, Lovable Lily needs a new home now!

Lucky for Lily, the owners of the rental home realized something was strange when they found among the trash left behind, a litter box, cat dishes and toys. Even stranger, whenever they returned to work on repairing and cleaning the house, the litter box would've been used! They left out food-it would be gone when they returned, but there was no kitty in sight! After several weeks of no luck they finally decided to borrow a humane trap and see if they could find her that way. Fortunately, it worked! Trapped in the cage was a scared but adorable young, grey female who now needed a home fast That's where PAWS stepped in.

Now Lily is in a loving PAWS foster home reaping the benefits that caring humans can provide. It takes her a little time to trust but, once she does, she's a sweet and affectionate little lap kitty who will cuddle up to her foster parents and run her little purr motor. Lily is about 12 months old, spayed, tested and vaccinated. Lily is a little territorial with other cats and dogs. She defends her space but gets along with them after a time. Please consider adopting Lily and giving her a home where she'll never be left behind ever again. She'll be your friend forever.

If you're interested in Lily, please contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit

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