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PAWS Pet of the Week: Louie & Chu Chu

By millere80 Published: January 3, 2012

I see trees of green, kitties of gray...

And I think to myself - Louie & Chu Chu need a purrfect home today! These two beautiful gray tabby boys are young, between 1-1.5 years of age. They are being fostered together and absolutely adore each other. Louie is a tad bit shy but absolutely craves attention. After his initial jumpiness, he just wants to be loved and petted. Louie's very playful and gets along so well with other cats, particularly Chu Chu.

Chu Chu, his new best bud, is a super sweet cat. Also initially shy, he warms up and loves to be petted and brushed. He's playful, sweet and beautiful with his gray tabby coat, white shirtfront and mitts. Pick up this perfect pair of grays today, and you'll be singing "What A Wonderful World" in no time.

If you're interested in Louie and/or Chu Chu, or any other PAWS pets, please contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit

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