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PAWS Pet of the Week: Meet Barney & Bentley!

By millere80 Published: May 25, 2010

Barney (white with tabby markings) and Bentley (black and grey marble tabby) are brothers who were born in late June or early July of 2009. They were found by someone who usually rescues wildlife but she couldn't leave them behind to fend for themselves! They were very young, and very sick!

Now they are both outgoing, head-butting, loveable cuddlers! They're lots of fun--you can't help but love them. Whatever you're doing, their curiosity will have them right at your side.  They're fascinated with water--if you turn a faucet on they'll run up and stick their paws into the running water and play with it.

They really love each other and sleep twisted together like pretzels, so it would be nice if they could go together. You'll never be lonely or bored with these two boys around!

If you're interested in Barney & Bentley, please contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit

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